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Lush Tropes: Reevaluating Tropical Architecture
PIN–UP. 2024. Commissioned by Nieuwe Insituut for Design Drafts #2: PIN-UP.

Manual Rhetorics
Catalogue to ‘Shubigi Rao: Pulp III—An Intimate Inventory of the Banished Book’. 2023.
Commissioned for the Singapore Pavillion at the 59th Venice Biennale.

We Remember What The Land Forgets: Mediating Urban Heritage in/as Archival Commons
Commissioned by Sharjah Architecture Triennial Research Initiative. 2022.

Dispatches from the City of the Future
Commissioned by Tbilisi Architecture Biennial 2022.

Three Brief Notes on an Equatorial Theme: Exploring the Tropical Imaginary in Recent Singapore Art
Art & Market. 2022. Winner of the Epigram Book Prize for ‘A&M Fresh Take 2022’.

When the Lights Go Down
Berlinale Forum. 2022. Commissioned by Arsenal – Institut für Film und Videokunst.

Female Trouble: Watching Three Asian Films About Women
NANG. 2019. Commissioned for NANG: Ten Years After.




‘Timeless Curiosities’ at İstanbul Modern.
15 February – 11 August 2024.

The Koro Riots’ written by Faisal Tehrani, 2024.


Memory Palace in Ruins’ at Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab.
9 June – 13 August 2023.

BODO’ at Taipei Fine Arts Museum.
11 March – 4 June 2023.


7th Singapore Biennale: Natasha
16 October 2022 – 19 March 2023.


Mekong 2030’ directed by Anysay Keola, Sai Naw Kham, Phạm Ngọc Lân,
Kulikar Sotho, and Anocha Suwichakornpong, 2020.

Last Night I Saw You Smiling’ directed by Kavich Neang, 2019.


Medium Rare’ directed by Arthur Smith, 1991; and ‘God or Dog’ directed by Hugo Ng, 1997.

Raffles in Southeast Asia: Revisiting the Scholar and Statesman’ at Asian Civilisations Museum.
1 February - 28 April 2019.

Minimalism: Space. Light. Object.’ at National Gallery Singapore and ArtScience Museum.
16 November 2018 - 14 April 2019.
Image courtesy Sharjah Architecture Triennial. Photographed by Talie Rose Eigeland.

“Idle people are often bored and bored people, unless they sleep a lot, are cruel. It is not accident that boredom and cruelty are great preoccupations in our time.”

- Renata Adler, Speedboat